My name is Tea and I've been a hair stylist for twelve years.  Since I was young, I've always been interested in making beautiful hair while working the front desk helping my three sisters whom are also hair stylists.  Throughout those years of assisting them from color application to mixing and calibrating hair formulas, I've acquired the skills and knowledge long before I even had my cosmetology license.  It sparked my interest and I was amazed at how much beauty can affect the attitudes of the women and men when they walked out of the salon.  It's so satisfying to see their smiles and happiness shown on their faces as they left.  I never thought that this experiences has made me what I am today and a career that I am in love with.  As time goes by, I took what I learned and started practicing on my friends and family out of my garage... yes, you didn't hear me wrong--"Out of my garage".  As you know, friends are forgiving and all I could tell you is that they forgave me a lot.  The challenge gave me that zest to be better and it wasn't long until I had them all getting their hair done out of my garage.  The numbers kept adding up as more of their friends came.

I must say that I owe everything to my wife, Anh.  At the time I was experimenting out of my garage, I was working at Gillman Honda as a new car sales rep.  I was always complaining to her about the uncertainty of the business even though I did well, but something was missing---- happiness.  One day, while watching TV, she looked at me and said " You're dumb". :))))  Before I could even reply, she said I had a talent but yet, I'm blind.  She went on to telling me how all my friends had left their stylist, and their friends as well and that should tell me something.  I thought about it that night and next morning, I was a new person with an aspiring goal.  The following 8 years was a long history at Toni & Guy, Aveda and Vidal Sassoon.

My name is Tea, and I'm honored to be your hair stylist.