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My View On Extensions


My name is Tea and I'd like to share with you some of the important facts about extensions that most people don't talk about.  I've been doing extensions for years and through my personal experience, I have discovered that there are really no extensions techniques nor the kind of hair quality (low-to-premium) that will save you from 4 of the most obvious concerns about extensions which are: tangle, breakage, matted and slippage. I like to termed these four inherent problems of hair extensions as the infamous 4 commandment of hair extensions.   It is the reality of hair extensions so, I'd rather highlight these concerns for someone new to hair extensions are contemplating on having it done.  For those that are currently wearing extensions, you probably already know and have experienced what I am saying.  However, I do have some resolution and I hope that it will bring you some comfort.  The rule-of-thumb is that the longer you wear your extensions w/o a regular touch-up, the more risk you have  in incurring those 4 commandments.  Usually, when someone have extensions done, they are told a touch-up is required within 3 and maximum of 4 months time period.  A touch-up, which is a process of removing the extensions and placing them back closer to the scalp as you would when you had them initially and usually cost as much as the first time you had them placed in, minus the cost of the hair.  So, I hope that you will agree with me that that is quite a whopping maintenance cost if you had to come back for a re-touch in 1 1/2 months let alone 3-4 months.  I have come to discovered that the risk of slippage, breakage, tangle, and matted begin right around more-or-less 1 1/2 months after they are placed in.  Getting a re-touch every 1 1/2 months can be rather a very costly maintenance for hair extensions and waiting for 3-4 months might be a better idea, but then, you would risk greatly damaging your hair.  Also, not to mention that it takes forever to untangle the matted hair so, the whole process will leave you sitting at the stylist chair for hours-on-end.  What I have discovered is that not all your extensions will incur these risks.  Usually and mostly, it's the hair that is on the sides of your head and right about the occipital bone to the crown that incur these risks due to the fact and depending how you sleep at night will determine the degree of damage caused by the friction, pressure and tensions against the pillow.  Keep in mind that this is not only the factors that contribute to tangle, matted, slippage and breakage, but it is one of the major influence. 

Now that the truth had be told about hair extensions, I'd like to share with you what I have to offer to solve or at least to minimize the risk.  My extensions service is as follow; all extensions (partial-to-full) will have a partial re-touch every 2 to 2 1/2 months:  I am a big fan of Tape In extensions all because I've tried almost every other techniques from Micro Links to Fusions.  In my experience, they all have greater degree of damaging the hair.  To me, tape in extensions incur the least damage to the hair because there is no clamping involved which puts creases to your hair and let alone the tremendous amount of pressure.  Tape in is just like using a two-sided tape with slices of your hair sandwich in between.  The damaging factor that's inherent with tape in is really how you remove it.  Often times when removing the tape it gets sort of sticky and a stylist might get  impatient and puts too much stress on combing the tangles out by stretching the hair beyond its elasticity threshold and there by breaking the hair.  With proper glue softening application the tapes are removed with much less effort and sometimes require more than just one application of glue removing agent.  Another reason why I prefer the tape in is that it's evenly distributed from an 1 1/2" to 1 5/8" panel, so with proper alignment, it'll look like a panel of curtains like the pics below on the right, whereas micro links and fusions often create gaps between each clumps of extensions and this is what the term  referred to as the "spaghetti  effect".   And last, based on years of experience, I also believe that all extensions will lose their looks and feel no matter if you get the $50 per bundle or the $300 per bundle.  It's just common sense, after 3-6 months of usage and once applied, it will be subject to wear and tear from heat, washing and drying and what not.  The good news about tape-in is that they've become so popular and have a range of prices from $40 per bundle to $100 per bundle. It's best to get the one's that'll fit your budget.  I usually advise my clients to get the ones within their budgets that would allow them to just replace with new ones on every maintenance visits, usually 2-3 months.  You can get really great coverage with just 2-3 bundles at $50-$60 per bundle.  Have them replaced with brand new ones with every maintenance-due visit.  Labor cost is usually anywhere from $150 to $200 with the total cost more or less around $300 which is about the same average cost of maintenance whether you decide to go with micro links or fusion, except that you'll be re-using them instead of having a new set of extensions as if you had gone with tape in.  Bottom line, re-using your extensions is great and it'll save you some money but keep in mind, the hair will almost never been in the condition as the original. This is just my view on extensions based on my experience.  I hope this is helpful and that I have given you some valuable insight on your journey to finding the right services and products for you.

Thank You.