Hair Extensions ( Free Consultation)

What other places won't tell you, and what I can offer that makes a difference.......


My name is Tea and I'd like to share with you some of the important facts about extensions that most people don't talk about.  I've been doing extensions for years and through my personal experience, I have discovered that there are really no extensions techniques nor the kind of hair quality (low-to-premium) that will save you from 4 of the most obvious concerns about extensions which are: tangle, breakage, matted and slippage. I like to termed these four inherent problems of hair extensions as the infamous 4 commandment of hair extensions.   It is the reality of hair extensions so, I'd rather highlight these concerns for someone new to hair extensions are contemplating on having it done.  For those that are currently wearing extensions, you probably already know and have experienced what I am saying.  However, I do have some resolution and I hope that it will bring you some comfort.  The rule-of-thumb is that the longer you wear your extensions w/o a regular touch-up, the more risk you have  in incurring those 4 commandments.  Usually, when someone have extensions done, they are told a touch-up is required within 3 and maximum of 4 months time period.  A touch-up, which is a process of removing the extensions and placing them back closer to the scalp as you would when you had them initially and usually cost as much as the first time you had them placed in, minus the cost of the hair.  So, I hope that you will agree with me that that is quite a whopping maintenance cost if you had to come back for a re-touch in 1 1/2 months let alone 3-4 months.  I have come to discovered that the risk of slippage, breakage, tangle, and matted begin right around more-or-less 1 1/2 months after they are placed in.  Getting a re-touch every 1 1/2 months can be rather a very costly maintenance for hair extensions and waiting for 3-4 months might be a better idea, but then, you would risk greatly damaging your hair.  Also, not to mention that it takes forever to untangle the matted hair so, the whole process will leave you sitting at the stylist chair for hours-on-end.  What I have discovered is that not all your extensions will incur these risks.  Usually and mostly, it's the hair that is on the sides of your head and right about the occipital bone to the crown that incur these risks due to the fact and depending how you sleep at night will determine the degree of damage caused by the friction, pressure and tensions against the pillow.  Keep in mind that this is not only the factors that contribute to tangle, matted, slippage and breakage, but it is one of the major influence. 

Now that the truth had be told about hair extensions, I'd like to share with you what I have to offer to solve or at least to minimize the risk.  My extensions service is as follow; all extensions (partial-to-full) will have a partial re-touch every 1 1/12 months:

  • 1st 1 1/2 month........FREE
  • 2nd 1 1/2 month.......$100
  • 3rd and from then on, every 1 1/2 month..........$150
  • For every 3-4 months.... depending on the techniques used ( micro or fusion) it is required that the hair extension pieces to be re-tipped with keratin.... $1/per tip; so if you have 25 pieces that required re-tipping, then it's $25.  



Micro link hair extensions also called as loc extension are a fast emerging trend, used to enhance the look of natural hair by  extending the hair and providing color and volume to them. There are a number of  hair extension techniques. The micro link method contains no heat, chemical,  glue, braiding or sewing which does not do any damage to your natural hair and  scalp. The micro-link or loc extension style one of the newest hair extension types. Using no heat, chemicals, glue, braiding or sewing,  these are truly one-of-a kind hair extensions.  And they are reusable, recommended a follow-up every 3 months for maintenance.

Currently, there are various types of hair extensions that include clip - in hair extensions, bonding and sealing hair extensions, single hair extensions,
wefts and weaves. These are available in various lengths, the maximum suitable length being 30 inches and also in different styles like curls and waves. Among all the hair extension techniques micro link hair extensions is one of the best hair extension types. Now days these types of hair extensions has become very popular among all the peoples because it's a strand by strand method. Customers and hair stylists love the technique, because not only are micro link hair extensions easy to install, they are also lightweight and flexible. The other benefit to using micro link hair extension is that they are completely safe for the natural hair. Other techniques threaten the health of the hair by causing it  stress and pulling it out upon removal. Micro link hair extension removes this  risk and help keep the hair healthy and vibrant.
Micro link hair extension gained a lot of popularity among most of the celebrity and people of its perfect and natural look. With this style of hair extensions, human hair extension strands are bonded with natural strands creating length and fullness in the hair. These
hair  extensions are long lasting and need to be removed by a professional so as to  avoid damaging the client's own hair in the removal process. This hair extension  style can be used all over the entire head or can be used to just add a bit of  length in the back making it a very versatile hair extensions style and are used  for the majority of salon hair extensions. The preferred human hair for this  type extension has been collected from various parts of the country include  India and Europe.

Hot Fusion/Keratin Glue

Hair Dream pre-tipped Keratin Fusion Extensions (Hot Fusion)


  • Stronger, longer lasting bonds with no slippage or shedding. As long as you don’t have a short top layer, I have clients who have worn their extensions for 4 months without losing a single piece.
  • High quality 100% human hair comparable to Great Lengths and Ultrastrands and in my opinion, better quality than So-Cap and Lox at a LOWER COST. $100 per bundle.
  • Most clients need 4/5 head of extensions for length and thickness. Most clients do not need to go all the way up and this also allows for your natural hair to lay over and cover the extension bonds. 4/5 head stops around the temple area and consists on average of 140-160 individual extensions. At 18 inches, 160 pieces  is equivalent 5 bundles = $500 average cost of hair
  • Initial hair cost is slightly more for keratin fusion extensions but actually cost less because it lasts twice as long.
  • Since I do not have to make these extensions by hand my time is cut in HALF.  As we all know, TIME IS MONEY and therefore my service cost for keratin fusion extensions is $100 Less.
  • Since Hair Dreams hair is sold in packs of 20 extensions and offered in 36 different colors (18 inch) and 13 different colors (22 inch) clients have the ability to mix and match colors for a multidimensional color at the same price as if you were a solid color.
  • Shipping varies depending how fast you needed the hair.
  • If you are in a hurry to get this service done and my schedule always for your appointment, you may chose to pay for your hair to be shipped over night.